What I do

CEO and Organizational Whispering for Tech Companies

I am a compassionate listener and idea generator for leaders who are feeling stuck, disconnected, or in crisis at their small to mid sized technical company or team.

It’s scary to bring someone in from the outside. I get that. But sometimes that outside in perspective can change everything– in a good way.

I spin up really quickly to company goals, tech, and known issues.

Each time I work with a new client, we take a different path. There is no “system” I work. No “program” I apply. I communicate, I listen, I trust my gut. And we make a plan.

My experience includes more than 20 years of working with B2B technical companies, 10 years as a Director of Engineering at a technical company.  I understand smart. I excel at brainstorming ideas for organizational troubleshooting, business strategy, brand consistency, user experience and client engagement.

A whole career of working with very smart people with very specific disciplines and vernaculars has led me to believe wholeheartedly in the power and (often) necessity of big-picture awareness, ongoing communication/translation, and facilitation. Decades of working directly with customers and clients means that my dedication to truth, expectation management and integrity is nearly evangelical and based on experience, not just philosophy.

Need ideas on how to move forward? Keep your team engaged and happy? Your clients interested? I’m thoughtful, honest, and have a huge laugh and salty language.

Let’s talk. I’m a Deanna Troi with a side of Spock. This is what I do.