CEO and Organizational Whispering for Tech Companies

As an experienced CEO whisperer, intuitive strategist, creative option maker/problem solver and communication specialist–phew–I support leaders so they can support their teams. I am a compassionate listener and idea generator for leaders who are feeling stagnant or who are at points of inflection/change in their small to mid sized technical company or team.

And I support teams so they move forward. How? By asking questions that lead to clarified expectations, communication and increased ease.

I get it might not feel like it could possibly be productive to bring someone in from the outside. But sometimes that outside in perspective can change everything – in a good way. I can help because I know I don’t know everything. So I am willing to ask questions, and inherently think outside of the box. I spin up really quickly to company goals, tech, and known issues.

Each time I work with a client, we take a different path. There is no “system” I work. No “program” I apply. I communicate, I listen, I trust my gut. And we make a plan.

I also love love love idea jam sessions on just about anything from personnel issues to tech pipelines.

You:  Aware that an external perspective and facilitator might provide useful insight; are willing to consider making changes (even small course corrections can make a big difference toward your desired outcome).

Me: A questioner, listener and sounding board, synthesizer, compassionate truth teller, benevolent and creative options maker. I make crazy connections thanks to ADHD, my own education and experiences, and from working with a diverse group of really smart people for a long, long time.

Not sure if what I do will work for you? Invite me to lunch. (Virtual!)

Want to know more about my work history and credentials? Check out my Linkedin profile. Art and science do mix, as do empathy and engineering. I bring all of me to all I do, and my diverse background and solid instincts help make me an excellent creative thinker and options maker.

For insider glimpses into what makes me, well, me, check out the testimonials page.