“Kate possesses cognitive empathy and emotional empathy to a greater degree than I’ve seen expressed in anyone else. In my experience, she is simply the best in understanding how a product meets the needs of customers. A handful of people in my professional and personal life have exhibited unique abilities. Kate is one of these uniquely talented people.

She understands what customers want and need. Her people skills and deep experience in engineering bestow her with an unparalleled ability to assess market needs, identify issues in software usability, and support customers who are working with technology that is new to them…

Kate’s impact can be subtle, but once recognized it is impossible to miss. Meetings go more smoothly. Products edge ever closer to customer expectations. Thanks to Kate, customers understand what a product can do, what it can’t, and how the product helps them. Tensions are defused. After talking with Kate, people walk away not only better informed, but more at ease. ”

Gary Bartos, Programmer extraordinaire, snooker player, and all around bright-as-hell guy.


“When you’re in the business of helping other business owners, it’s hard to admit that you need help with your own biz. But I did, and I do – and since I’ve been working with Kate, my business has grown in ways I never could have imagined. Equal parts intuition, heart, and business smarts, she has a way of untangling the tight knots that are tangling up your business’ flow and pointing out the clear path ahead…all with an eye on the bigger picture.

Kate shores me up when I need support, smacks me around when I’m stuck in a rut (or in my own suckitude), and is always pushing me just that little bit that I need to hit that next level of success. Every moment, every bit of what I’ve put into working with Kate has been more than worthwhile.

If you’re lacking direction, if you crave clarity, if you long for a trusted advisor with smarts, kindness, and empathy, Kate is your gal.”

Dani Nelson, Former Ace Business Strategist and First Officer, happily transitioned from successful self-employment back to a finite workweek and more stable paycheck and loving it.


“As the CEO of a Silicon Valley startup in the IoT space, I contacted Kate based on previous exposure to her professional acuity, honesty and integrity. At ConnectEx, we developed a series of new technical products based on the requirements of the initial customers, but needed assistance taking the next step in making them visible to a wider audience. Kate’s combination of technical expertise and her intuition and creativity made for lively and productive strategy discussions.

After clarifying our market position and priorities, these discussions led to a concrete action plan that she was able to implement, quickly resulting in increased visibility. Based on an existing logo, she created a LinkedIn company presence, a website with blog, professional electronic and printed collateral, and press releases that highlighted our successful and growing presence in the market.

I had complete trust and faith in Kate dealing independently with C-level personnel within our customer organizations, both in the USA and internationally. Kate’s technical and intuitive understanding, ideas and insights, and sincere desire to support our success continue to be of huge benefit and value.

Kate is bright, quick, gets things done, and without reservation I would recommend her.”

Edward Hague, President, ConnectEx  www.connect-ex.com